High-end fashion conference – innovation and sustainability
October 11-12, 2017 in Kuwait City at Radisson Blu Hotel.


The EU-GCC Trade and Business Cooperation Facility is hosting a high-end fashion conference in Kuwait on October 11, 2017. On October 12, 2017 the EU-GCC Trade and Business Cooperation Facility has invited design school directors from the GCC together with top-performing students and some established designers to participate in a masterclass on sustainability, innovation and alternative materials.

Research shows, that Muslim consumers spend an estimated $230 billion on clothing. That figure is projected to grow to $327 billion by 2019, surpassing the current combined clothing markets of the UK ($107 billion), Germany ($99 billion) and India ($96 billion). Kuwait is the second biggest importer of apparel and fashion in the Gulf. However, the GCC is not only an export market. With the right institutional support, the GCC has a great potential to become a fashion exporter to the rest of the world. The high-end fashion conference in Kuwait therefore offers a great opportunity for companies, buyers, designers, influencers and organizations to share experience and knowledge that will develop further cooperation between the EU and the GCC within the fashion industry.

Main Objectives

  • Gather relevant industry people to create a unique  platform for network and knowledge sharing to start dialogue on future cooperation and business relations.
  • To strengthen the fashion industry in Kuwait, and support the development of a stronger business environment for local designers.
  • To introduce alternative and unique materials within fashion, and showcase EU-GCC fashion collaborations.
  • Inspire upcoming designers and entrepreneurs through network and create closer relations between EU and GCC designers, retailers and entrepreneurs.
  • Highlight the importance of female entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.


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