Workshop and expert seminar on high-end luxury goods and integration of alternative materials into design and fashion
May 10-11, 2017 at the Art and Skills Institute, Riyadh, KSA


The GCC countries is encountering, like the rest of the world, a social, economic and cultural turnaround, albeit in its own particular way. The speed of this development makes it both challenging and exciting for many luxury  brands. The GCC is no longer a frontier market. Many major luxury brands are now present in the market. According to Chalhoub Group, Youth & Luxury, the GCC benefits from a younger population with a great purchasing power. Yet the consumers are increasingly more educated more demanding.

Background information

Based on initial research, Saudi Arabian nationals are driven by strong contradictions. While they yearn for individual expression, 97% look for something unique when purchasing luxury products- they are strongly attracted to anchor labels and shop within a limited set of brands. According to Chalhoub Group, Saudi Arabia’s two main towns are markedly different: Riyadh consumers are more conservative and view luxury as “special to own” while Jeddah consumers are more fashion and trend oriented, with a huge influence from the media, fashion bloggers, TV stars and singers.

High-end and luxury products

The feeling of luxury relates to the quality of the product and the perception of status and exclusivity associated to it, both by the consumer and, significantly, among the wider public. This, combined with the craftsmanship involved in producing luxury items, constitutes the key point of competitive differentiation for luxury brands compared to brands in other industries. In part, this feeling draws on cultural and traditional heritage in relation to the products provenance, and the fact that this heritage acts as sign of quality, history and uniqueness.

Main Objectives

  • To introduce alternative and unique materials within High end Luxury goods and showcase EU-GCC fashion collaborations.
  • Inspire upcoming designers and entrepreneurs through workshop and create closer relations between EU and GCC designers, retailers and entrepreneurs.
  • Gather relevant industry people to create a unique  platform for network and knowledge sharing to start dialogue on future cooperation & business relations.
  • Highlight the importance of female entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.

Agenda and speakers

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